VeritVicas By WHTCD Benefit Foundation
VeritVicas By WHTCD Benefit Foundation

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VeritVicas Technology

Advanced Savings Technology Solutions for Government, States, Community Clients & Business Organizations

Our principal goal is to encourage the establishment of community healthcare organizations and to offer opportunities for faster claims and vaccination deductible services to all eligible individuals and entities. To achieve this goal, VICAS has developed an expedited interoperable program called the Fast Interoperability Procedure (FCP) with specific technology solutions immediately available to our clients.


Our alliance with World Health Access (WHA) has strong relationships with renowned travel partners and a solid business strategy. In addition, we offer innovative technology and services such as our vaccine travel assurance services; professional and management services; health and wellness counseling services and data verification support services.


We are primarily a healthcare technology organization that works with other private community organizations and institutions to effectively implement interoperable clinical healthcare solutions for their members and customers. We focus on offering an outstanding range of healthcare technology services for community based organizations.

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